Fishery Rules

These rules are to help maintain the health and welfare of our fish:

Day Ticket Anglers

  1. Anglers will use their own landing nets, 42″ on Lake One.
  2. No keepnets on Lake One.
  3. NO MORE THAN 25lbs of fish weight in keep nets. Fish MUST NOT BE KEPT IN KEEP NETS OVER 4 hours.
  4. Suitable sized unhooking mats MUST be used on Lake One.
  5. Three rods maximum per angler.
  6. Barbless hooks only.
  7. No barbeques, small gas cookers are allowed.
  8. Gates open at 7am, close at 9:00 pm in the summer, 6:00 pm in the winter.
  9. Take all litter home with you.
  10. Minimum 10 lb line and size 8 barbless hooks on Lake One.
  11. No fixes leads or any other death rig.
  12. Rigs must be safe with the lead able to eject if the fish gets snagged. Korda style clips are acceptable, but the rubbers must not be forced down too tightly preventing the lead from ejecting.
  13. Klin-ik, or similar carp care kit, for treatment of hook or other marks is encouraged and appreciated.